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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Bobbie’s World is a sure insight in the average american family home. It is truly enriching to read your material. How many commonalities does one find in the normal human existence in the universal social dimension. Thank you Bobbie for letting all those who visit you, in enlightening them in understanding AMERICA better, if they wish to take off their brash views shrouded in religiosity, politics, etc., etc.,

    Do keep writing:)

  2. You should be proud – never call your family average. It is so far above average that “average” is an insult.

    Good blog, good luck.

  3. Very nice blog. I love to see that LDS members are using the internet to talk about themselves and their experiences.

  4. Hi Bobbie- We don’t know each other but I was just diagnosed with PACM. My husband found that same support website you found- A Mothers Heart, and I joined it and would like to talk to you more about PACM if you don’t mind because my peri drs have me so scared about dying during delivery.

    Thank you!
    Aimee Brown

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