Our Family

Bobbie is 35 years old and one awesome wife and mommy.  She’s lived in California, North Carolina, Florida and currently resides with her family in Utah.  She is a survivor of Peripartum Cardiomyopathy, and still loves life (even with a heart failure).   She loves spending time with all the nutty relations as well as reading, sewing, learning, swimming, photography, and traveling.  She is currently a full time nursing student.  The best thing Bobbie has ever done was become a mother, It’s cliche but so true.


Jeremy is 33 years old  and produces radio shows among his other jobs.  He has an awesome blog about sports in the mountain west conference.  He is a graduate of the University of Utah, and also attended Iona College in New York.  Jer has lived in Houston, New York and currently resides in Utah (he’s stuck with us, muahahaha).  He loves playing water polo, swimming, traveling, watching sports, being a daddy and playing games with his wife. (Go Killer Bunnies!)


Jeremy (Dad)

JD is 7 years old and has overcome many challenges in his short life thus far.  You can read more about him and his amazing service dog Magpie on their blog at www.dog4deeds.wordpress.com.  He is an amazing kid who strives to always be positive and happy.  His current hobbies are playing video games, playing water polo, swimming, playing soccer, doing math and goofing off with his little sister.

JD and Magpie

JD and Magpie

Gwen is our feisty 5-year old.  She was a big surprise to the family, because of Bobbie’s heart condition it was a rough pregnancy but we couldn’t imagine life with out her in it.  She’s our last little miracle baby and brings us joy all the time.  Her hobbies include reading, singing, dancing, making up stories, tormenting playing with brother, swimming, playing water polo and spending time with cousins.

Mommys wallbw (19 of 26)


Magpie is JD’s service dog.  She must be included because she goes about everywhere with us so Bobbie sometimes feels like she is mother to three children and not just two.  Mags (or Maggie, or Pie, or Pie Pie) is a often the best behaved when we have family outings or even just go to the grocery store.  Don’t let her spectacular behavior fool you, come over when she isn’t “working” and you will find the most hyper 5-year old black lab on the planet.  Her hobbies include chewing (don’t leave anything you care about in our backyard), shedding, following JD around, playing ball and sleeping.

Magpie the miracle service dog.

Magpie the miracle service dog.


4 thoughts on “Our Family

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  2. I read your bloq and I am hoping that the terrible day is over. I wish it had been us that had sent the pizza but I guess we are to far away. I made clam chowder, and a new recipe called Boston Brown bread. After I Take it to our New Years eve Potluck, I will tell you if it is any good.
    I love You,

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