Moving forward

Today is a day, a day where I am avoiding home because I have things that have to be done and I know if I go home I will crawl into the darkness and close out the world.

Sometimes I know what can trigger things, and this is one of those times. Finances are a huge stress for most households in America and we’re no exception. We live in a very tight budget and most of the time it goes really well but sometimes there’s a perfect storm that can cause an avalanche of despair. Root canal, crown, school, both kids huge growth spurts, the constant need for everyone to eat and have electricity (ha-ha).

The rational part of my brain tries to tell me we’ll be okay, that we are hard working, it’s why I went back to school and daddy works from 6am-8pm every day.

But days like today…

Days like today I pray, a lot. I fight back tears and smile at the kids while dying inside.  Depression and stress are Toxic BFF’s.

Days like today I count down the hours and minutes till I can go home, get in pajamas, and sleep.  But I don’t go home, I keep moving.  Slowly, but moving. I have two big reasons to do so…


(Can you tell we’re having an autism day?  Apparently mommy isn’t the only one struggling)


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