Frozen Birthday Fun!

I’d gotten in the habit of just posting Facebook statuses and pictures as a way of chronicling my kids life.  Well recently I’ve had a couple of things that have made me pull away from the land of social media a bit.  While I still use it for my Jamberry business I’m rarely on there personally anymore so you may be seeing more posts from me here to Journal for our little family.

Today we celebrated Gwen’s birthday.  It’s not technically till next week but we didn’t want people to miss out because they were leaving town for Thanksgiving.  Thankfully I have an amazing cousin who is a very talented actress.  Last year she hooked us up with Rapunzel and this year it was your favorite ice queen.  She came in and got to know all the little girls, sang a beautiful song and spoke with them about all the wonderful qualities a princess should have.  After that she did a fantastic craft with them, and by the time she left they were all waving their magic snowflake wands and singing songs.

It was so much fun for Gwen and a nice break from studying and life for the rest of us.  Elsa even brought the cold weather with her today and so the magic is strong in our house right now.  Oh to be a child again.


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