Dog adoption lottery winner

As some of you may know our little Annabelle probably isn’t going to be with us much longer.  The vet says there isn’t anything they can do at this point that wouldn’t be risky and extremely expensive.  We are watching her for signs that the pain is too much and then we’ll have to put her down, something I’m really not looking forward to.

She doesn’t want to be around Gwen at all anymore, and has even snapped at her a couple of times.  Because of this Gwen started to play with Magpie all the time and we quickly found that the service dog was shifting her last loyalty from JD to little sister.  Since this is something we must avoid we started discussing a new dog for Gwen.

I would love to have gone out and gotten a new golden retriever puppy, since I still think of my girl Sophie I had for 13 years.  Problem is I don’t have time to train a new puppy properly since I go back to school in just a couple of months.  We decided an adult dog that needed a home would be a better choice.  We just had to make sure it was housebroken and got along with kids AND Magpie.

After looking at some shelters and then KSL I narrowed it down to around 5 and started making calls.   I stumbled on a picture of Max, a floppy eared Australian Keplie.  Due to some medical issues in the family they desperately needed to find him a home.  Since big black dogs are the least likely to find homes I decided to take the kids over to see him before looking at the other dogs.

Gwen wasn’t sure about him at first and said he was scary, until we threw a ball for him.  He bounded after it with excitement and then brought it right back to Gwen and dropped it when she told him too.  Soon it was obvious that she was in love.  The only thing that concerned us at first is that he was shedding like a beast.

Two baths and three furminator brush through later he no longer had all that dead winter coat attached and the shedding wasn’t a concern anymore.  I’m sure it’ll be an issue twice a year but thank goodness we have that awesome brush!

This guy is awesome and it’s obvious he was very well-loved.  He follows us around the house and loves to play.  He will sit in the backyard with Gwen and Magpie for a full hour chasing a ball, even in 100 degree heat.  He taught Magpie that the kiddy pool is also a great place to cool off when outside.    His favorite thing to do is chase tennis balls after you hit them with a racket.  If you hold out the racket when he comes back he will drop the ball on it so you don’t even have to touch the slobbery thing to throw it again.

He is well-behaved, obedient and a great fit for our little family.  The only thing we aren’t use to is barking.  He barks whenever anyone is at the door.  I love it since I never hear the door bell and he stops once you tell him to.

I’m sad that Annabelle won’t be around much more.  I’m thankful that Jeremy offered to be the one to take her in when it’s time so that I don’t drag out her pain because I don’t want to do it again.  I hated having to put down my sweet golden I had growing up.


2 thoughts on “Dog adoption lottery winner

  1. Sorry to hear that Annabelle’s quality of life is not were it should be but you did a beautiful think in making sure that Max had a furever home. Congratulations on getting Max and finding the love of Gwen’s life let’s job hope it stays this way until she is off in college and you don’t have to worry about her being boy crazy! Thanks for sharing Bobbie this just made my day!

  2. Bobbie,
    This post made me cry. To think of having to let go of a furry family member never is easy and my heart goes out to you!
    Bless you and your family for bringing in a new member who needs love and I know your family is the one to give it ten times over.

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