Can She Fix It?

I was raised by amazing parents.  I’ve thought about my dad a lot as I’ve fumbled through my day.  He always “fixed” things growing up.  There were many times I wondered why he would sit there cursing over something and not just go to the store and replace what was broken.  Time and time again he would get things working again and he is still the one I call when I need a hand.

My morning started off with Jeremy yelling for me frantically downstairs.  I bolted out of bed.  The tone of his voice made me instantly think Deeds was having a seizure.  When I dashed into the kitchen I saw water, lots and lots of water that was shooting from the freezer and spilling all over the floor in an uncontrollable stream, spreading quickly.  In my mind I instantly panicked thinking that we were going to have to replace the entire fridge and possibly the flooring if it had been going on all night.  We would even have to do it with our good looks, since that’s all we currently have to offer.  (when am I done with school again?)  I mean I have my good days, but lately I haven’t had a “hey I’m so cute let me buy a fridge with just the flip of my hair and a smile” in a long time.

It took about an hour but I finally narrowed down the problem to the ice maker.  I got the water turned off to the fridge and realized that with the exception of the ice maker, and water from the door, the fridge was still totally functional!  ChaChing.  I instantly thought how proud my dad would be of me for fixing it all myself.  I’m TOTALLY okay with making my own ice.  Been there, done that, not worried about it at all.  Another hour was spent mopping out the fridge, the floor, around the fridge, under the fridge and then wringing out myself as well.  After a rough start we were determined to have a good day.

The rest of the day was spent enjoying my little family.  I took Gwen to a playgroup at the park.  After lunch we even made some awesome chocolate chip cookies.

Chef Gwendolyn at your service.

Chef Gwendolyn at your service.

Chocolate chip awesomness!

Chocolate chip awesomness!

After Deeds got home from school the kids were downstairs playing Jeremy fell asleep.  I thought it would be a great time to work on my fathers day present for him.  I spent a couple hours organizing photo’s to print out when Jeremy came upstairs and told me he needed to print out some resume’s for a workshop he was going to but that he couldn’t get the printer to work.  I headed downstairs to take a look at it.  Three hours later I’ve come to the conclusion that it is beyond our help.  I tried EVERY technique to fix it I could find online, called customer service, even took it apart and cleaned the entire thing.  Since it’s so old they told me I should be happy it worked as long as it did and that the parts we need to fix it would cost more than a new printer.  Well now I’m super duper happy that we just replaced the ink… ugh.

While on the phone with the customer service agent for a second time my phone died, and turned into an inoperable brick.  I laughed so hard I cried.  Gwen didn’t know what to do so she just brought me a cookie.  I gladly ate it while snuggling where her for a minute.  I then left the dire printer situation and started to focus on the phone.  A lovely 45 minutes later I have the phone working again.

While the printer is toast, with no chance of a replacement in the near future, I’ll need to rethink my fathers day gift.  Can’t print the photo’s with out the blasted thing, bahumbug.  Good news is I have print credit available at the school library for the summer semester so I think I’ll just go print off some resume’s for Jeremy there.

While I would have rather spent the majority of my waking hours doing other things, even the cleaning and laundry I had planned on doing, I’m thankful that we were able to save hundreds of dollars today.  I didn’t even have to change my insurance to Geico!  Thanks to my dad, I am a fixer.  My dad taught me how to improvise, make things work with what you have, and to try and fix what is broken.

Thanks dad, I love you.



One thought on “Can She Fix It?

  1. I am right there with you! I never thought I would be the handy one in the relationship… But grateful for the examples of our dads.

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