Schools out for Gwenny

Today we got to go to Gwen’s preschool end of the year recital.  It was really awesome, and not just because my kid was in it.  All the kids were adorable.  Since I have two nephews and a niece also in the school It makes for a very entertaining event.  They were all just so excited to perform and I must say their closing number is one of my favorites.  They really got into the rock music!


It’s really been a great school for Gwen and we’ve decided to send Deeds for their kindergarten next year (half day there, half day at the school across the street).  He is now very excited to learn how to break a piece of wood with his foot and dance around.  I think it will be really great for him to try out the performing arts aspect of it.

First video is Gwen’s favorite one.  She is on the left.


Next she is the furthest on the right and just too cute for words.  I’m a big Beach Boys fan so it was one of my favorites.


The finale was spectacular.  Schools out for summer baby!


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