We are lucky enough to live pretty close to a stop for the Front Runner train.  I think I may start taking it some of the time to school to save on gas money, so I put the student pass on my ID. It stops just across the parking lot of the heart failure clinic I go to up in Salt Lake so for my appointment this last week I decided to take the train with Gwen.  She was so excited since she remembered how much fun it was to take it up to Disney on Ice.  She was a bit upset with me that we didn’t have to transfer to trax and take the light rail anywhere.  She also told me, “mommy you make me walk way to further.”  Apparently she wasn’t a fan of the hot day and the walk from the train to the hospital.  I thought it was awesome.

Here comes the train.

Here comes the train.

While riding the train she is such a hoot.  She makes all kinds of faces looking out the window and likes to chat with anyone sitting close enough to pay attention to her.  She kept singing songs and asking if we were getting closer.

Watching the world fly by.

Watching the world fly by.

The appointment went well.  They adjusted my meds again and I must have an echo in 6 weeks to see if there has been any change in the past year.  While it would be awesome to see a change for the better in my heart function at this point it’s been so long that even the doctors aren’t optimistic that there will be.  Who knows, maybe we will all be surprised.

Gwen is like a little celebrity at the clinic.  Considering that I’m FAR younger than most of the patients that they have, a three-year old that dances in singing instantly livens up the place.  The doctors and nurses have also watched her grow up since I started going there while pregnant with her and so if I actually show up without her they all seem a bit disappointed.  I don’t blame them.





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