Good News (and a bit TMI)

Today I got to experience something pretty bizarre   I had a scope of my bladder done and got to watch the whole thing.  I won’t lie, it was pretty awesome.  Good thing is that there doesn’t seem to be a reason for the bleeding that can be found, both the CT’s and the scope came back clean.  I was told to watch it and if things get worse they will double-check everything to see if maybe there was an issue that is currently so small that it was overlooked.  I’m taking it all as great news and a huge relief.  I keep telling Jeremy that this summer is the first summer in a while I won’t be in the hospital and he told me to be quiet till we know for sure that everything is okay.  See, I told you babe. 

While the procedure didn’t take too long initially I’m feeling the effects of having cameras in places they shouldn’t be now.  I’m going to run errands quick with Gwen now before it gets any worse.  I believe Tylenol is going to be on the shopping list.




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