Dirt, ditches and deathly fears

We have been loving our summertime.   The kids are still in school till next week, or maybe the week after, I can’t remember.  I’ve been spending my days spring cleaning the house.  When I’m in the middle of a crazy semester like my last one I don’t really do much cleaning of any sort.  I choose to spend the rare spare minutes I have with Jeremy and the kids so the house well, it goes to hell in a handbasket.  Now that the application is finally in for the nursing program, and the only two classes I have are online this summer I’ve started to reclaim the house with a vengeance   I’ve not only been cleaning but tossing, organizing and shifting furniture in each room.  We’ve all loved the change and it’s nice not to be embarrassed when people stop by or try to crop the background out of any pictures I take of the kids. If only there was federal grant money for someone to clean your house if you are a student mommy.

Our favorite change has been dinnertime.  Our table wasn’t in a very functional position before so I pulled it out into the center of the kitchen, cleaned it off and we have been having family dinner every night.  The kids actually adore it and it’s nice to go back to my roots.  I grew up eating dinner as a family and I’m thrilled we’ve started the tradition here at our house.  No TV, no electronics, just us.  It’s truly bliss.

This year I decided to shake up the landscaping in the back yard a little.  Our garden planted along the fence hasn’t ever done very well so I decided to pull back the bark and ground cover and plant in the center of the yard by the trees.  After I got the plants in I laid the cover back down slowly, cutting holes for the new plants and then carefully spread the bark back down.  The area gets a good amount of sun during the day and we actually planted our pumpkins there last year and they were the only thing that did really well so hopefully we get the same luck again.

Gwen has loved helping me in the yard while Deeds is in school.  She’s been living in swim suits and has always been my outdoors girl.  She loves helping dig ditches and play in the dirt and splash in the little pool.  This year she has developed a deathly fear of bugs, ants to be specific.  We are working on it but right now even if there is a speck of grass or dirt on her leg she flips out thinking its an ant.  Hopefully we can help her work past it so it isn’t an incredibly long summer with bugs ruining our fun.

One of my two classes this summer is a photography class.  Since when I did photography it wasn’t all digital I decided to take a refresher just for fun.  It’s been a blast but I think it’s caused me to remember how much I love it, and love shooting with a nice camera.  Thankfully I’ve been able to borrow my dad’s Nikon D200 but it may be time to invest in a nice camera of our own instead of just my phone.



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