Urineterested in my blogging?

Last night I had an aunt comment on how little I’ve been blogging lately.  Alas it’s true, so Holly this one is for you. 

Yes this last semester was a hellish one with intense science classes.  I actually LOVE my science classes but taking that many difficult ones at once was a bit crazy.  I think it was being a student teaching aid for the anatomy department that pushed my schedule over the top.  I loved every minute of it but really didn’t have a spare minute this past semester to take a breath or be a mommy.  

I’m now getting ready to take the TEAS-V test and get my application turned in for the nursing program.  I am praying every step of the way that I get into the fall program at UVU. The competition to get into the program is quite intense and having made wonderful friendships over the last couple semesters of other pre-nursing students applying this summer it adds to the pressure.  I’d love to be able to hand pick who is in (including myself obviously) but we will just see where the cards lay.  My GPA is great and I’m hoping the test goes well so I can get on to the next step, the interview process.

Now for anyone still reading, and wondering about my wonderful “typo” in the header.  It’s not a typo.  It’s actually a bit of a story, so read on if you want.   

A while ago during a physiology lab we were doing a lab on kidneys and urine.  (FUN eh?)  One of the tests we ran was a dip stick on our own urine samples.  I actually had an abnormal result showing blood considered microscopic hematuria because it isn’t visible by the naked eye.

After talking with my professor she said there could be a lot of reasons for it so I waited a week then did another test.  It came back positive so after double checking with a cardiologist about it being unrelated to my heart failure I headed off to the doctor to get it checked.

After a test there still showed an issue I was sent to a urologist and had a renal ultrasound done.  The whole time I kept waiting to be told that it was no big deal and I’m just one of those weird people (because we know I’m weird) that has microscopic hematuria without a pathology.  I’m usually an open book on-line, but this time I even refrained from posting on Facebook about it.  Shocker I know but I was dealing with finals and whatnot so I didn’t want to even think about it all. 

Well at the urologist they ran another test and he looked under the microscope and once again there was a concerning number of RBC’s in the sample.  The doctor said it was probably not a big deal since I’m young and don’t have the risk factors for cancer of the bladder or renal cancer.  I asked if that was a possibility and he said that since it was asymptomatic (I wasn’t in pain) it could be but he doubted it.  He decided to wait another week to check a sample again and if it was the same he wanted to do a scope.  (doesn’t that sound fun?)

Fast forward another week and the test was still not good so they sent me home and told me that they would call to set up the scope.  Later that afternoon the nurse called and said that the doctor not only wanted the scope done in the coming weeks but a CT scan done immediately.  So last Friday my little princess, mom and I all headed to the hospital so I could get CT’s done with and without contrast.  We are waiting on the results, but I decided that one reason it’s been bothering me so much is because I typically use the blog as therapy to get it out there and I haven’t done that this time around.  I’m really optimistic about it still.  Like the doctor said before I’m young and it’s unlikely that it is serious, but prayers will not be turned away 😉  Since the diagnosis of the cardiomyopathy when I was pregnant with JD, the breast abcess, and then meningitis…. I tend to laugh when a doctor tells me not to worry.  I want to yell “QUICK knock on wood!”   I told Jeremy the other night I feel like such a hypochondriac sometimes and he laughed at me and said that hypochondriacs don’t have the legitimate (albeit ridiculous) medical records I have.  

So that’s our life right now.  Just to reiterate I’m determined it’s nothing to worry about.  This is the first summer in years I’m determined to be mommy, to garden, to serve others and to love life…not be laid up sick in bed or in a hospital.  The kids are doing fantastic and loving having mommy home.  


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