My Blessings

This time of year can be bitter sweet for many people.  It reminds me of the year Jeremy and I were engaged and he lost his father.  It reminds me of the year I was pregnant and miscarried on Christmas Eve when Jeremy was out of town.  It reminds me of the next Christmas when we were pregnant with our first miracle boy.  Christmas Lights in a blinding snow storm with family, we only lasted about 10 minutes till we headed home. Spending the week in the hospital with my second miracle child, so small and frail and only one month old and then being released in time for Christmas with the rest of the family.  More than anything it reminds me of the sweet blessings during each hardship we have encountered.

Each year we have had our struggles.  The past couple have been financial as we work hard to change our future with me in school.  This year has been rougher than normal because I’m not working, a sacrifice that we’ve already seen pay off with my grades. We got the best gift recently.  Jeremy started a new job, his first full-time position since loosing his job in April.  It is a HUGE blessing and we are thrilled, I’ve shed many tears of joy and gratitude has filled my prayers.  I don’t even care that he won’t be paid till January, I’m just so excited!!

Having things be the way they are lets us cherish Christmas for the true meaning of the season.  This year is the first that we’ve really had that childlike excitement in our home about the holidays and it’s been magical.  Gwen and JD are counting down the days till Santa comes but it truly touched my heart today when JD asked me to make a cake for Jesus since it’s his “birthday party” on Christmas.  Our bishop got up and spoke during church about the true meaning of the season and it’s the first time I’ve ever realized that JD was listening to the meeting.  We are blessed that our bishop has developed a relationship with our kids and so when he got up to speak about remembering Christ our little guy was listening.

While I won’t be making an Avengers cake like JD thinks Christ would like best, we have decided to start a new tradition and bake a special birthday cake for Christmas day.  Celebrating this Christmas with our children has truly made me grateful this year.  My heart is full and after the stress of the past semester I’ve enjoyed spending the extra time with my amazing family.  The blessings of having them close is one I often forget.  My  siblings, their spouses, and my parents are some of my best friends and I couldn’t imagine my world without each of them in it.  I can’t wait for tomorrow.  The Nativity at grandma’s house might be interesting with Magpie in it but Deeds is excited and we are touched that even our little guy realizes the reason to the season.  I pray you all feel the blessings and peace that surround this time of year.  From our home to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

Mauss Family Christmas Through the Years

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