Day 28: A scar you have and its story

Maybe for me they should have narrowed down the general area of the scar so I could have picked easier.  Since most of the bad ones I have aren’t visible to anyone I guess I’ll share the one I get asked about the most: my ankle scar.

Swelling is not as bad but that scar is still totally obvious.

Last year I had surgery on my ankle because of a chronic laxity problem.  When the doctor “got in there” he realized my ligaments and tendons were “like spaghetti” and ended up drilling through the bone and using a donor tendon to tighten things back up.  It was one of the worst recoveries I’ve ever had from a surgery but a year later I’m so happy I did it.

I’ve always been an organ donor, and encouraged others around me to do the same.  After I was diagnosed with the heart issues from my pregnancies and met other women who were either on heart transplant lists or who were saved by a transplant it became a more passionate thing for me.  Having this ankle surgery was a good reminder that without the donated tendon in my ankle my problems would not only still be around but as I age they would have caused more issues to the point they might have had to fuse the joint, greatly diminishing my quality of life.  I’m thankful for the donor and their family, may not be as vital as a heart but the other organs and tissues they get from donors change MANY lives.


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