Why you should probably just hang up and text me

I’ve had a couple of people express irritation about why I don’t often answer my phone when they call.  To clear up any questions here is my list.

  • With text messages I can control when I reply, so if my son is hitting his head on the floor during a meltdown or the little lady is currently spilling an entire gallon of milk on the floor I can take a moment to control the situation before making a reply.  I WILL forget to call people back all the time.
  • I talk too much and will neglect my homework, children, housework, husband etc if I always talk to people on the phone.  I don’t know how to shut up.
  • Auto correct mishaps make my day, while freudian slips are also fun they aren’t as common.
  • When I’m having a bad day or there is a crisis going on I don’t often want to talk about it, just the opposite.  I may vent online and often find that therapeutic but if you got me on the phone I would clam up or start sobbing.  Or both.
  • I may be in the spa or library and talking on the phone is not an option, however texting can be done almost anywhere (as long as it is safe!)
  • My memory is terrible but if I know someone sent me a text or email with a time I am supposed to be somewhere I will be more likely to remember.  If you told me on the phone I most likely didn’t enter it into my phone and odds are good I’ll forget.  OR I’ll just text you later to find out when it was.
  • I can filter my thoughts and therefore be more productive.  I can also reread what I’ve said to make sure it’s not going to come across in a way I didn’t intend it to.

Now I do believe that face to face and telephone communications are still important in relationships.  It’s not that I never talk on the phone and my poor neighbors know I like to talk face to face.

All this being said I have a huge pet peeve.  Just because you are texting or even writing a facebook status it does not mean that you can’t still use proper grammar and spelling.  I’m not talking about the occasional wrong word or spell check mishap.  If having a consistent conversation with someone via text and I am able to talk I will often call the other person to talk.  I also call if there are a lot of details being worked out or I don’t understand what is being said.


One thought on “Why you should probably just hang up and text me

  1. I was humored you pointed out grammar and spelling at the end but also had mentioned auto correct. I cannot begin to guess how many people think I cannot use the right words with all of the times auto correct has incorrectly helped me out! 🙂

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