Day 22: A website you like

So many to choose from so I’ll just put my latest favorites:

Room Mom 101 – Great place for school ideas or even just great learning games or fun activities for kids. – My go to website when I want to try a new recipe.

Steep and Cheap – They have deals on outdoor gear, sunglasses, coats, etc.

Weight Chart – Great place to track your weight.  No bells and whistles just a chart really.  Good for me to see long-term progress since with my heart I can fluctuate up to 10-12 pounds in one day.

Goodreads – LOVE this site.  You can make bookshelves for your books and rate, review and track what you are reading.  I love it because I can’t always remember if I have read a book before and it also lets me have a list of the books I want to read at my fingertips.  I have a pretty eclectic reading taste so it’s nice to have everything in one place.


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