Humility during the holidays

Humility is not something that is easy to learn for me sometimes.  After a day like this one Let’s be honest the entire month of December for us, I find myself hitting my knees and thanking the Lord for our blessings.  Today when we took Jeremy’s car into the shop I laughed, I’d finally hit my cracking point.  Finding out that the work needed on Jeremy’s car is about 3 times what we wanted to spend was a hard pill for us… but I’m thankful that we have the car in the first place and need to be more grateful for our blessings.

Has it been a hard month for us? Yes.  Have we seen some amazing blessings through the trials?  Absolutely.

This holiday season we are truly feeling the spirit of the season and the love of the Lord in our home.  I believe sometimes the Lord does give us more than we think we can handle, so that we will turn to him to help us.  We are blessed, and through it all we can’t forget that.

Merry Christmas



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