Day 13: Five strange facts about you

  1. I once had lavender contacts and an employer asked me not to wear them at work anymore because they were distracting the customers.
  2. Even after working for Disney I still get crazy chills every time I see Mickey Mouse live.  Especially during Fantasmic.
  3. I know how to drive a motorcycle, have my endorsement and once went on a trip through rain, snow, hail and flash floods to Monument Valley.  I still think about it and can’t believe I survived that trip.  ha ha.
  4. I have a blood curdling scream that should be used in horror films.  If you ever want to hear it take me on a roller coaster.  It’s the only time I feel like I can really let it go without freaking anyone out.
  5. When I scream or close my eyes too tight my eyelids pop inside out a little… I didn’t even know I did it for years till someone pointed it out to me.



One thought on “Day 13: Five strange facts about you

  1. Wow, those were awesome. I don’t think I knew those. I may have to add going to Disneyland with you to satisfy 2, 4 & 5 on my bucket list.

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