Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

Last time around I wrote a letter to Deeds and you can read it here.  This time I will flip the coin and write one to my little Gwendolyn.

Dear Gwenny,

Hey Pootsy.  I wanted to take a minute and write you a letter to tell you how much you changed your mommy’s life.

When I found out I was pregnant with you I was terrified.  The doctors told us in no uncertain terms that I would not survive another pregnancy and that your brother would be our only child.  I called you daddy to tell him then hung up the phone and wouldn’t answer it again because I was feeling such a mixture of joy and terror.  I didn’t know how to react or explain how thrilled I was that we could have another miracle baby.

The doctors told us it was not safe to have you but I would not back down.  I knew you were meant to be a part of our family.  They finally told us that with a lot of monitoring they would help us bring you into this world as safely as possible.  You were constantly watched, and I was on bed-rest for 4 months, but finally you made your entrance into this world on November 25, 2009, 6 weeks early.

I loved you from the minute I found out I was pregnant with you, and I adored you the minute you were born.  A more beautiful baby was never born before you Gwen.  I was so happy you got to stay with mommy for a while before you struggled to breath and had to be taken to the NICU where you stayed for a week.  I marveled at the little baby in the NICU who was already showing her personality by constantly pulling out her feeding tube!

As you have grown up you have always had a strong and feisty personality.  I love it so much.  You have helped your brother grow and progress more than I think you can ever understand.  It is obvious to your father and I that you two were destined to be siblings.  Even as toddlers there is an unmistakable bond there that he has with no other person.  By forcing him to interact with you as a baby you brought him out of his shell in a way your daddy and I had tried to for months and months.

I have loved every milestone you have hit and while you are about to turn two and still have a long life ahead of you I want you to know how much you have changed your mommy.  The hugs and kisses you give are sent from heaven and your smart and funny personality tie our family together.  I can’t imagine a life without you being a part of it and I am honored to be your mom.  I know when I come home from work I will hear your sweet little voice chant my name.  I know this stage of your life won’t last forever but you constantly make me strive to be a better person.

Gwendolyn Olive, you are a divine daughter of God.  You have such a strong spirit and I hope you can always stay close to the Lord and know how much He loves you.  I know you will continue to be your brother’s champion and help him to navigate this existence in a way only a sister can.  I am touched that the Lord left such an amazing spirit in the care of your dad and I and I pray daily that we help you feel not only His love but our love for you also.

I Love you,



3 thoughts on “Day 8: A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life

  1. Very touching and insightful. As a sibling to a brother who is very much a solo flyer, and would not let me “in his world” growing up, I enjoy watching my kids interact with each other. Especially now, with Indie and Taryn at college, when I hear about them skyping each other, or that they are talking amongst themselves for advice and stuff, have their own inside jokes going on, etc., it makes me so happy they have that. You have been doubly blessed to have so many cousins and siblings not only for yourself, but for your children. I am sure it has helped Deeds and it will always be a source of comfort and joy to Gwennie too.

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