No Anatomy

After attending 3 hours of lecture, 3 hours of scheduled lab and 3 hours of open lab I found out that the lab midterm is on the 28th of October and can not be taken early (or late) for ANY REASON.  It also must be taken in the lab on UVU campus.

Why is this making me sad?

We will be in Ohio for the training of JD’s service dog from October 24-November 5.  The is no way to rearrange either commitment.  I thought of buying an airline ticket to fly back, take the test and then fly back out to Ohio but who has the money to do that?  Not to mention that it’s important I be in Ohio to learn about the service dog for JD.

I stayed up till 4 am looking for other options.  Since we are already a week into the term I knew I didn’t want to take another class that I hadn’t been to yet (that would be 3 weeks total I would have missed) but I didn’t want to take just any old class to fill the 4 credit hours that I would need to from Anatomy and Anatomy Lab.

Finally I found 2 solutions.  I’ll now have 13 credit hours total and they are all online.  I picked up Introduction to Literature (uh read books, OK!) and Introduction to Theater (go to plays, OK!).  Here is the kicker.  BOTH of these classes fill requirements I need and I will now have the breeziest semester in the history of semesters.  Only hard class I’m taking now is a double math, and I’m already almost 2 full weeks ahead on it.

I’m going to LOVE doing homework this time around.

I am honestly sad about Anatomy.  It was going to be a ridiculous commitment but I LOVE the subject.  I will still have to take it, but obviously not when I’m going to be gone for 2 weeks of the term.  No way to return all the books (since I opened them all to use them) so I hope they keep the same ones when I finally get to take it since they were SO expensive.


3 thoughts on “No Anatomy

  1. those anatomy books can be super expensive. hope you’re able to take it soon (like next semester) so you have a good chance that they are still usable.

    enjoy your easy semester!

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