Movie break!

Well the semester is officially three days underway and I’ve already done more homework than I’d like to think about.  I am glad I read a lot between the summer and fall semesters because I am not going to be able to do any while going to school.

Two classes look like I might be able to finish up early which is great news since it will give me more time to study for my Anatomy final.  It wasn’t very reassuring when I went to class last night and found out a LOT of the students there had failed before and were re-taking it.  Good news is I can mentally study a lot while working.  If I pass with an A I should send all my clients a thank you note for letting me mentally study my anatomy while giving them massages.

Its only 10:30 am and I have been doing homework for almost 2 hours.  The kids were getting restless so I just put on a movie for them…I feel bad already about how many movies they will probably watch over the course of the next few months.

Right now I’m optimistic and have a good lead on things… everyone pray for me that I can keep it that way!!!



2 thoughts on “Movie break!

  1. Ah…you got this! So they watch a few extra movies, but the end result of an education will be totally worth it! Keep it up! You are doing great things for your little family!

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