Adventures in Life

Bottoms Up!

What would life be like without twists and adventure.  JD was diagnosed with Epilepsy yesterday and started anti seizure medicine today.  Thank goodness for tablets we can dissolve in drinks since he won’t put the pill in his mouth.

He’s been doing so incredibly well, or maybe we are just getting more used to the quirks and autism.  It’s hard to realize he has yet another diagnosis on his records but it’s life.  At least once again with a diagnosis comes ways we can help him.  I’m thrilled about the service dog and can’t wait till October.  It’s so close.  We are very excited.

Gwen is cracking us up right now.  Besides her cute way of saying please (picture Roger rabbit and a lot of spit) she now likes to ask “Where daddy go?”  She and deeds are playing a lot better together but it also brings the fun sibling issues.  Lots of screaming and pushing.  The joys of motherhood.  I’m so glad they have each other.

Next week I start back at UVU, and this term is probably going to be a killer with Zoology and Math courses up the wazoo.  Deeds starts school on Tuesday and he is gone in the afternoon so hopefully Gwen will nap then and I can use that time to study.




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