It’s a Ride

Life is a ride at an amusement park.  Sometimes it is scary, sometimes it is fun, sometimes you want to get off.  There are signs along the way letting you know what to do and to point you in the right direction.  Sometimes you go on an awesome ride but then you aren’t able to ever make it back to that amusement park to ride it again.

This is how it is with us and children, we can’t make it back on that ride.  For anyone who didn’t know, we can’t have any more kids.  Depending on the day you ask me about it I may tell you it’s no big deal, or I may burst into tears.

Today is one of those tears days.  We have a lot on our plate right now, and while I wouldn’t want another child right this second I still morn the option of not being able to conceive again.

Yes I know there is always adoption (the first thing everyone tells me when they hear we can’t have more children), but sometimes you need to cry.  And while adoption sounds like a great easy answer, the road is long, hard and expensive.

For now we cry, pray, and love the 2 blessings we have in our home now.



2 thoughts on “It’s a Ride

  1. And I’m so grateful you have those two also. Can I just tell you a funny thing, a bit of a flip side. When we were having kids, there were a few times I would wonder why I couldn’t just have one at a time. Grandpa Coombs said it was probably my Abraham’s trial. And the Lord knew exactly what trials and challenges I needed to be tried and tested. You’ve heard this so many times, I know, but he knows and loves you too. He will not give you a challenge or trail you can not over come, whether it having a bunch of kids or having your precious two, it’s still tough. Go give them a hug and go ahead and cry.

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