Surgery Update

My pain pills just kicked in so if this is a random, loopy post I’m sorry.  🙂

Friday morning I was worried about the surgery because of cost and healing.  As I ran upstairs to grab my wallet I was thinking I would cancel last minute and RIGHT then I rolled on my bad ankle a little.  I chuckled at the perfect timing and so mom and I headed over to the Orem hospital for my surgery.  They did all the lovely prep work for the operation and then the anesthesiologist came in and talked to me about my heart and being put totally under.  He had talked to my cardiologist who gave the ok for the operation but I could tell the guy was worried about putting me under.  He asked if I’d be ok with just a spinal tap done and stay awake for the surgery.  I said no, and after all was said and done I’m glad I did.

Before they took me to the operating room they did an ultrasound guided popliteal fossa block that numbed my right leg from the knee down to the toes.  Once I was in for surgery it ended up being a little longer than thought because there was more damage that expected.  They ended up using a long cadaver tendon, and drilled through some of my bones to attach it.  The neat thing is all my discharge paperwork came with an address for me to write to thank the donors family for the tissue donation.  I’m glad I’m a donor, and so thankful for this donation for me.

The nerve block lasted till around 10am today so I was feeling pretty good, and then it wore off.  I could point to exactly on my cast where I think they drilled through the bone.  While the block was wearing off my entire calf kept twitching.  It was pretty cool till the pain hit.

I’m stuck in bed, only able to get up and use the bathroom, for the next 6 days.  After that he gave me a prescription for a knee scooter so I won’t have to depend on crutches too much.  You just kneel with the injured leg on the pad and walk with the other one.

I would write more but I keep falling asleep while typing.  Love you all.


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