Tomorrow is the surgery day.  I’m not thrilled.  For some reason this time around I’m having anxiety about surgery.  I’ve always been fine before but this one has me freaked.  I’m also terrified of the long recovery and the fact I can’t lift my kids for so long.  I mean come on, I’m carrying all my own (substantial) weight on my ankles, what’s another 30 pounds?

The anxiety today is compounded by Deeds getting up at 5am and Jeremy and I playing tag team all morning.  It resulted in both of us very tired.  As I type I’m sitting in my lovely (insert sarcasm here) purple nightgown while the kids run-amuck around our once tidy home.  Feels like I don’t even have energy to move my eyeballs today.  Maybe they will take a 4 hour nap this afternoon.  BA HA HA HA HA.

Oh motherhood….

I'm and ANGEL mom!


2 thoughts on “Surgery

  1. Isn’t it amazing how fast the house gets cluttered when you are not constintly picking it up! It alwasy amazes me. Here is hoping for the nap today!

  2. I love Deeds, but no way that particular picture says Angel. It looks like a lot of energy on the verge of exploding with a refill in the picture already.

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