Bring on the Lemons, I have a bat!

Today life is HURLING lemons at me, I need to find my lemon smacking bat so I can hurl them back.  If anyone has seen it please let me know.  I think I lost it in the move.

  • Research paper is taking FAR too long to finish.  15 pages didn’t seem too bad until the professor tore my rough draft to pieces and I realized I need to start from scratch.  It’s due tomorrow at midnight and I work a double tomorrow.  Looks like I’ll be pulling an all-nighter tonight after I finish this blog.  I needed a short break.  On the plus side I know more about gluten-free diets and autism than I bargained for.
  • Hospital called to let me know that AFTER insurance my surgery next week will cost around $2000, and would I like to pay that in advance.  GASP, our insurance used to be so good till this year.  Yes I would love to pay that in advance but since I will be out of work for 6-10 weeks post-op we are going to be struggling as it is.  So with the long-term $50 payment plan this surgery will be paid off in 2014… ahhh.  Guess who is NOT going to get that heart procedure done this fall.  ME.  I’m sure that would cost us an arm and a leg.  Maybe the hospital could just take a kidney and cover both surgeries?
  • Called insurance company to double-check the hospital’s info and found out they had rejected ALL Deeds claims from the burn again and we need to resubmitting them all over.  Guess we won’t be getting a bigger car this fall since we’ll be paying off thousands of dollars of medical bills. Makes sense.  We just finished paying off my heart failure bills from Deeds pregnancy/delivery.
  • Went into the garage to grab something this evening, only to find that the freezer door had been left open last night.  I was able to salvage about 2/3 of what was in there, the rest went into our trash. What a waste.  We had chicken kabob tonight that were too thawed to be refrozen but not ruined. At least they were salvageable.
  • I came downstairs after putting Gwen in bed to find Deeds sitting on the couch, staring straight ahead and mumbling something over and over.  I couldn’t get him to focus on me or stop mumbling for 5 minutes.  It was freaky.  It’s not something he has done to that extent before so I’m not quite sure what to make of it.
The highlight of my day was when Bryan came and installed a new faucet with a sprayer for the kitchen sink.  I’ve missed having a sprayer to clean it out so I’m THRILLED!
Just needed to vent.  Now back to the research paper.

2 thoughts on “Bring on the Lemons, I have a bat!

  1. HEY BATTER HEY! Go Bobbie!!! Just wanted you to know I’m rootin’ for ya! (and pssst…. the other team is cheating).

  2. Well, if you’re going to be throwing the lemons at someone, make it someone who’s been making your life with insurance much more difficult than it needs to be.

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