The New Place

Thanks to my cousin Mickie shooting a little video of her new place and putting it on her blog, it reminded me I had to do that here for JD’s 4 Paws video since what we had filmed before was the old place.  We returned the video camera so I used our normal camera to do it.  The quality is good but it’s kind of shaky.  Anyway here it is.

We still need to hang up some stuff in our room and Gwen’s, and organize the garage but other than that we are done.  HUGE thanks to all my family for helping, especially Katy.  She is a wonder when it comes to dejunking and unpacking.


8 thoughts on “The New Place

  1. Yay! Loved it, looks like a nice place, and hey you cleaned as opposed to mine where my house was a mess. Love that backyard area too! Jealous of all the strawberries!

    • Well don’t be too jealous of the Strawberries, I can’t keep the slugs and birds away from them so I haven’t gotten one yet! I keep trying, I’m determined to get one.

  2. It look s great! Yeah, the sink in the Master bedroom is a bit weird, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

  3. WHAT a diva! Can’t be troubled with the tour of the cameras. Plus, she’s obviously never stops drinking . . .
    I’m just glad that the toilet and sink weren’t reversed. Now how weird would that be!

  4. It was great to read the comments first and then watch the videos. I thought Will was referring to Bobbie with the Diva and drinking comments. Bahaha!

    Spinning is SOOO amazing – did I already tell you that its benefits for Deeds have a neurochemical shelf life of 4 hrs in the brain?

    • You don’t have to tell us Chrissie, we’ve seen the results first hand. I can’t even tell you how much his meltdowns went down when we installed those rings and that swing at the old place. Thank goodness for Ikea giving us an inexpensive and perfect therapy option!!

      Oh and I am a bit of a diva too.. 🙂

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