Terrible Two’s

Meet Gwen:

She is now 18 months old.  Her height is still average, and she is getting cute and chubby.  She did very well at her 18 month check up and the only thing the doctor commented on is that her “terrible two’s” are starting early.  She was crazy at the appointment, as she is a lot of days now.  She is just like her mama.  She is so dramatic and will push everyone’s buttons, but if you discipline her at all she will just melt into hysterics.  Like I, said just like her mom.

Her language and communication skills are exploding.  Of course I am sure she is a genius since it took Deeds so long and so much therapy to make the progress she seems to just come by naturally.  Right now her favorite word is “mine”.  She sees anything she wants, even if it’s a bite of food on your fork, and she will scream MINE!  The other day I asked if she was ready to go, and she said “Ya, ready go”.  I won’t lie, I cried it was so cute and unexpected.

She loves her blankie and any dolly she can find.  She has a stuffed rabbit that she loves also, but she carries it around in her teeth, keeps her hands free to grab things.  Once she grabs things she will then throw them.  I think she might be a major league pitcher one day.

She loves to cuddle and her mommy loves to let her.  I can’t believe she is growing up so much and I can’t imagine our lives without her in our home.  She is a blessing, a miracle and a joy.

Congrats on hitting another milestone baby girl.  YAY FOR NURSERY AGE AT CHURCH!!


3 thoughts on “Terrible Two’s

  1. I’m still shuddering at the pudding paint, but happy for all the cuddles…betcha you didn’t zero in for some smoochies that day until after the bath!!

  2. Bobbie, Those don’t look like the terrible twos (although they’re referred to as that!), they look so much like the FUN TWOS, though again, they’re rife with challenges-THAT I’M SURE YOU CAN MEET. PS, Good luck on the surgery! Annie

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