Suck it up Bob

I have to admit I had fun at Deeds “graduation”.  It was nice to see him actually participate and to get to see all the other kids in his class.  I did learn that he had made up most of the names he had been telling us in his class and his good friend “PJ” is actually “DJ” and wasn’t all that fond of Deeds.  My little man sat next to a cute little girl with down syndrome and it was adorable to watch them bounce off the walls together.  They had an aid just for the two of them, and it was really nice to see someone else struggle with controlling him other than just me.  HA HA HA

I’m sad he’ll be at another school next fall but we did get him all set up for the Pre-school for kids on the move and their Bridges program.  I’m thrilled they start on Tuesday so we won’t have a break between classes.

We are all moved in.  THATS RIGHT.  All unpacked (if I ignore the few boxes left in the garage).  A huge help to my family for helping us move.  My cousins rocked and came and helped us get out of the old place since Jeremy had to work.

Awesome Kitchen

Katy, my little sister, came up from Cedar City and we actually paid her to help us unpack.  Jer wasn’t thrilled with the idea until 3 days after we moved in everything was unpacked and we had de-junked till there was tons of stuff left for a garage sale.  I have a lot of strengths, moving and de-junking are not on the list.  I sit and walk down memory lane as I look at old photos, books, dishes, and random bits of junk.  I was getting pretty close to needing a hoarding intervention so I’m thrilled that Katy came and helped me get over it and get organized.

We are now downsized and so much happier.  We’ve been planting flowers and veggies, doing the yard sale and enjoying life.  Deeds is still struggling to sleep through the night.  I think it’s a combination of a train that passes by and it being a new place.  He is thrilled however to have his swing and hanging rings hanging in his new room.

Deeds running in his new room


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