There are 2 graduations in this world that I think are important.  High School and College/University.

I bring this up because we are headed to Deeds pre-school graduation tomorrow.  There are two issues I have with this.  First off he is three and a half years old and secondly he won’t be out of pre-school for for a couple more years. I know I’m just stressed because of the move but HONESTLY.  Call it an end of the school year party or something.  He is now going to think he gets to graduate every year.

I know some of you are rolling your eyes at me, but he WILL remember.  I can’t wait till he is a 2nd grader crying because they aren’t having a graduation ceremony. It’s life, and tomorrow I will smile, take pictures and support my boy.

Ok done venting… time to get back to packing.


3 thoughts on “Graduation?

  1. I loathe these kinds of “graduations”. I think it’s a clear example of why kids have entitlement issues these days and it sets up an expectation that I think leads kids to underachieve.
    That said, enjoy your son having fun tomorrow. 🙂

  2. I have to admit I am confused. Is it a graduation ceremony for those who are moving onto kindergarten and everyone else attends as well, therefore, you are attending a graduation ceremony but not graduating? I would explain it to JD that way – the 5 yr olds are graduating – those who go to a new school next year called Kindergarten. Also, I’ve seen parents choose not to attend with their kids if they were repeating preschool another year since they were not graduating. It’s too late now, but you could choose not to go to something that will cause you years of grief. Hope it goes better than you expect and take joy in the good parts of the program. Milestones have been achieved by alot of these kids and for those who are moving on. Tell JD that it will be his turn soon.

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