Happy Home

We found Max a wonderful family to live with, and by this time tomorrow he will be getting mounds more attention than he has in a long time.  They have 4 kids and he will be the only dog so I’m sure he will be loved rotten.

Max with a buzz cut - 2006

I gave him a bath tonight so he would at least be clean.  Granted I sobbed the entire time.  I’m sure it was pretty funny to watch.  I feel bad that he isn’t groomed too but I am sure the kids aren’t going to mind one bit.  I hope it is a happy fit and he does well there.  I know it’s the right thing for him, but it’s been really hard on me to say goodbye.  I just keep reminding myself that I would do anything for Deeds, and this service dog will change his world.

Hopefully Daisy doesn’t miss him too much.  She’s always had him around, for the next 5 months she will be the only doggie.


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