Max fluffy and groomed

I have come to a very hard decision after a few months of thinking, praying and pondering.

We need to find Max a new home. Having 2 dogs, 2 kids (one with special needs) and the service dog at the new place would be chaos.

Why fluffy Maxie? To be honest it is because Daisy is so good with kids.  It’s not that Max isn’t.  He just avoids them really.  Daisy likes to be in the middle of the crowd and takes the abuse from kids swimmingly.  Max also has to be groomed every 6-8 weeks, or kept shaved.  I just don’t have the time of means right now to give him the attention he needs.  Its a shame because he is SO adorable all groomed.  Every groomer I’ve taken him to comments on what a beautiful Bichon he is.

I love Max, I’ve had him since he was small enough to fit into a coat pocket.  I’ve had him longer than I’ve been married to Jeremy (His fluffy face is even in one of my bridal portraits).  This is a very difficult thing for me.  He isn’t getting the love and attention he needs here right now and it will only get harder to do so when the service dog gets here.

I won’t just list him online and I WILL NOT take him to a shelter. Honestly if we can’t find a good fit for him somewhere then we will just make it work, but I’m not sure that is fair to him.

Deeds and Max

If anyone is interested let me know please. He is about 6 years old, pure Bichon Frise, does not shed (hypoallergenic) and house broken.  He is playful, but content to perch on the back of the couch.  We’ve taken him to the dog park many times and he loves other dogs, but the only dog he’s ever lived with is Daisy (not sure about cats).  If you have any specific questions just ask me.

This is a very hard decision for me so please no judgment needed. I am a believer that when you get a pet it is a task you accept until the pet dies.  Trying to explain to Deed that we are trying to find a home for Max is very hard, I struggle to do it with out crying.  However with Deeds special needs and the Service Dog coming I have to think of what is best for everyone. Including Max.

Max after bathtime


2 thoughts on “Max

  1. I’m so sorry Bobbie! I know that must have been such a hard decision for you to make. It’s clear that you’re making the most loving decision for everyone involved and that takes a lot of courage and strength! I am sure you will find a wonderful home for Max. Big hugs to you all! You and Max will be in my prayers.

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