With the exception of chasing my kids I have not yet started exercising.  I am going to have to “make time” for it.  I already know how worn out I am by the evening so I guess it had better be early in the morning… anyone who knows me is laughing right now.  I am NOT a morning person.  I’ll make it work out.

I have really loved reading recently.  Jeremy got me a Nook right after Christmas and I LOVE IT!  Not having to haul around big books and not loosing places because bookmarks fall out are two of my favorite things about it.  For some reason my absolute favorite feature is the fact that no one can tell what I am reading.

I know that sounds bad, I don’t read trashy books.  I have no idea why I like that people can’t tell what I’m reading.  I just do.

That’s how I roll.


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