My Kids

Today started out rough, then I doubled my diuretics and TADA.. about 2 hours later I felt so much better.  It’s a good thing because we have been playing a lot.  With the weather good the past couple days we have gone to the park a lot, and Thanksgiving Point’s Tulip Festival.  You can see more pic’s on Deeds blog but I wanted to share this one here.

He started wandering towards the pond.  I watched him very closely and reminded myself we need to teach him to swim.  I snapped this picture since he just stood there for a while and I really love it. His little hands were moving (they almost constantly do) but otherwise he was just watching.

I love my kids.  They are a blessing I can’t even begin to describe, and I’m so grateful for them.  Challenges and all.  They keep mommy hopping but hey, who couldn’t use the extra exercise.

I really enjoyed spending some time with my grandma and mom and I’m glad that we were able to meet them at the gardens today.  Gwen was obviously happy to see them too.


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