I Love McDonald’s

Yes, you read the title correctly. I am not ashamed to say that I love McDonald’s as a mother. Let me tell you why.

Deeds MUST burn off energy during the day. Its not an option. We go to the park OFTEN on nice days. The days where we let him play hard are the ones where he behaves the best (typically). We have a mini trampoline, a hanging swing and hanging rings at home for him but on cold or rainy days sometimes we have to get out.

I would love to take him to those jump places with the blow up inflatables but they are pricey for a mom on a budget. McDonald’s however has some awesome play areas (we are becoming connoisseurs). The best thing is their dollar menu. Mommy can get some oatmeal and a drink and the kids can have yogurt parfaits and we will literally chill for hours.

Yes I have seen Super Size Me, however with the installation of indoor clean play grounds and dollar drinks I don’t feel bad in the least.

Run kids, PLAY!!

(P.S. We also Love Chick-fil-a but they aren’t as dollar friendly.)

Faster than a speeding bullet

Gwen likes to play too


5 thoughts on “I Love McDonald’s

  1. I took my kids to Mc Donald’s to play when we lived in Alaska all the time. Three little restless boys stuck indoors because of frigid temperatures is no fun. We always loved the”play place”. I met a lot of parents there, and the kids had their own little group of friends to see when we went. I applaud your love of Mickey D’s.

    • We liked the Carls Jr play area when we tried it out last week but Gwen is too little still so we prob won’t go back till she gets older. We did find an awesome Burger King play area up around 106th South.

  2. Love, Love, Love Mc Dee’s 🙂 The dollar drinks you can’t go wrong. We always like going there on summer nights (or when ever LOL) and get the 49 cent cones.

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