Day 28: Favorite places to shop

I’m not big on shopping so here is a quick list.

Lane Bryant, Savers (on dollar days) and DI for clothing.  I also love Costco, I’m not sure why I do but it’s a fact.  Must be their chocolate covered salted carmel macadamia nut clusters, or maybe their dried mango’s.  I adore Barnes & Noble and Borders.  I could spend an entire afternoon at those stores, books are wonderful.

I enjoy shopping for my kids clothing much more than I ever did my own.  There is nothing quite as gratifying as finding an awesome deal on something cute.


2 thoughts on “Day 28: Favorite places to shop

  1. What about IKEA? I thought you liked IKEA?

    Harvey’s a big Costco guy. It’s weird even though we have nothing to buy it’s one of his favorite Saturday outings! Strange!

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