Day 19: Whatever tickles your fancy

Again?  I swear I just did one that “tickled” my fancy.  This actually hits at a good time because my heart is full of gratitude and I wanted to publicly thank all the amazing people that have donated to 4 Paws for Ability in JD’s honor.  We are so close to half way it’s mind blowing.  I gave us a goal of 6 months to make the $13,000 and it looks like we will be there well before that.

Through the years I have whined and given Jeremy a hard time about his sports blogging and love of all things athletic.  I will not whine again.  That is a promise babe!  The sports blog and twitter community has risen to the occasion and taken Deeds under their wing.  My heart melts and tears fall every time we get a comment from someone across the country that doesn’t know us at all but wants to help JD get his service dog.  I’m a softy that cries at night as much for the $5 donations as I do for the $500 ones.  We know just how hard things can be, especially around the holidays, so we are touched by the support we are getting.  I thought it would take us months to get to the point we are at in just 4 days.

I wish I could list every blog individually but every time I track down one post on twitter there are 10 more I’m missing.  SB Nation bloggers you are all my hero’s, your faithful readers have responded and opened their hearts.

I have to tell NFL Rants & Raves that Deeds was very excited to see his picture on a web page with a “fooball”, thank you for the touching page for him.  We couldn’t be doing this without all this support.

Family has rallied and helped with so many things.  Donations, spreading the word, and even the simple task (or not so simple) of watching the kids while I try to write and print press releases and look up info for JD.  I know we will never be able to repay everyone, but we hope that when you need us we will be able to be there for you as well.  What a blessing to have such amazing family, both near and far, showing us their love.  4 Paws thanks you, Deeds thanks you, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


3 thoughts on “Day 19: Whatever tickles your fancy

  1. I cried too when I saw the donation page. I was thinking last night how I needed to get around to donating.
    So I’m glad you posted this to remind me.
    Love you guys!!

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