Day 15: A letter to someone you wish you could meet

Some of these are much easier than others.  Sadly again I don’t have a lot of time so this will be quick.

I can think of a handful of people I’d love to meet, alive and dead.  I have NO IDEA who to pick.  Two I thought of first would be my Great Grandma Coombs and Great Great Aunt Gwen.  Yes I met them both but I was still a child when they died.  I named my little Gwendolyn Olive after them and would love to know them more now that I am an adult.  I guess for this I should pick someone I have never met…


Dear Abigail Adams,

You were such a strong woman.  I have admired you through the years but my admiration grows as I get older and my family grows.  I believe the support and counsel you gave your husband were a foundation for him and what he did for our country.  It is true in his case that behind a great man is a great woman.  You always continued to learn and grow, and for me personally that is very inspiring.

The way you fought hard for women to be next to men, not behind.  Women had a role that was just as important as the men and you wanted people to understand that.  While things might not have changed while you were alive, you were one of the first to find your voice about the subject and I am thankful.  I can not fathom being apart from my husband as long as you were often apart from yours and yet your letters to each other show such a commitment and love.  You are one of my hero’s and I hope to have even an ounce of the strength that you had in your life.

Respectfully yours,




2 thoughts on “Day 15: A letter to someone you wish you could meet

  1. So about 5 months ago Matt netflixed (is that a word? Well now it is) John Adams a 3 disc mini series. It was very interesting, (but still a documentary type movie so it was still boring at parts) BUT I too came to really admire Abigail, played but Laura Linney. At one point John Quincy was leaving the house as a pre-teen and she said to him something like “Please remember the last name you bear and honor it, but most of all remember who you represent in heaven.” Well she said it better but I thought, Wow now that is one impressive woman! I want to say something like that to my children too.

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