Day 14: A song from your childhood and the Taco Bell incident…

Here is one of my favorite songs from my childhood.  It reminds me of going to the beach with my cousins.

I wasn’t planning on blogging about the following incident, but BeQui requested it so here you go: The Taco Bell Incident

Tonight before we went to class Trish and I decided to swing by Taco Bell.  I turned too early and ended up having to drive through the Target parking lot.  We ended up stuck behind a car while waiting to pull across the street.  I believe the woman was on her cell phone, but she was NOT turning at all.  Finally after the third gap she didn’t take I honked my horn.  She STILL did not move and there was a large gap so I went around her.  I figured her car MUST be broken down if she still wasn’t going.

Not only was it not broken but she immediately swerved out behind me and followed me into the Taco Bell parking lot.  We pulled into the drive through and she did not so Trish and I thought the whole thing was crazy but were relieved she wasn’t behind us.  I rolled down my window because we were the next to order and this woman comes up and starts to yell at me.  “You wanna try that again lady!” was her first line.  I told her that she sat there so long I figured she wasn’t ever going so I went around her.  She kept talking, not listening at all and finally said “I was waiting for a SAFE gap for me to pull out because my kids are in the car.”

Trish, who up to then had just sat quietly in the seat next to me, realized that the woman had left her kids in the car alone.  It was probably 50 yards away and still running, with her kids inside.  I told her to go away and she kept yelling so Trish said a few choice words (I won’t blog them to protect the innocent) and told the woman to go back to her kids in the car and stop acting crazy.  The woman kept yelling that the kids were fine and she could see them.  I wanted to say something along the lines of “so can that sex offender that just drove off with your kids.” however I was so caught off guard with her actions that I just yelled at her to leave us alone.  Finally she left, but not before telling me she had my plate number and she was calling the cops and then filing assault charges against Trish because she swore at her.

We ordered our food, and called the police department.  The dispatcher asked if we got her plate and I said no, but that we were leaving the drive through and if she was still there I would grab it.  The dispatcher said please and sure enough the woman was still there.  We gave her the license plate number and the dispatcher asked if I wanted to wait there for the police.  I told her no, that the crazy woman had cornered us in a drive through and scared me to death and I’d rather not wait but they were welcome to give me a call.

About 15-20 minutes later the police gave us a call.  I told the officer everything, me pulling around the woman, Trish and her sailor speak, everything.  The officer even laughed a few times.  She kept asking if I wanted to press any charges.  It floored me that she kept asking me but I said no, that I just wanted to cover my bases unless she did call in.  The officer then laughed and said she had called in and that she would be calling her next and would call me back if she “had” to.

My English professor happens to be a Lawyer and offered jokingly to be my legal counsel.  It was funny, but I am still all nerves about that woman.  The officer never called me back so I’m sure I’ll never hear back about the situation.  I still feel bad about pulling around the woman but I honestly waited for quite a while and honked once.  The only other thing I could have done is to get out of the car and direct traffic for her to pull out (which I have witnessed my mother do before, still makes me laugh)

I will probably not sleep tonight.  I wish I could just let things go, but I always feel so bad when I know I’ve upset someone.  Honestly she probably won’t sleep either after Trish chewed her out for leaving her kids alone in the car to come yell at us.  🙂  Don’t mess with a pregnant hypoglycemic who hasn’t eaten dinner yet!!




8 thoughts on “Day 14: A song from your childhood and the Taco Bell incident…

  1. Holy crap, that woman is ridiculous! Thanks for sharing the story for me! And thank goodness the cop had common sense about the whole thing.

    Seriously, though, it’s not illegal to leave your kids in the car as long as it’s less than 5 minutes, UNLESS the car is running. You can’t leave the keys in the car. And doesn’t she realize it’s going to be a lot more emotionally scarring to hear their mom freak out on someone like that, than to go out in a less than ideal spot? And if she didn’t feel like any of those spaces was “safe enough,” what did she care if you went around?! It’s not like you were butting in line! She didn’t even want to BE in line! And what if you had been a crazy person with a gun and she just tailed you like that?! I mean, isn’t that a risk? (I mean to someone like her. Because we all know that the chances of ANYONE being a crazy person with a gun in the Taco Bell drive through are pretty darn slim.) And how was you cutting around her putting her kids in danger? (That’s what you said on FB, right?)

    I’m so ticked on your behalf. In case you couldn’t tell by my super long comment.

  2. No fun! Those kind of things always make you feel so yucky inside, even when you know that it’s not your fault. I’m glad that you are okay. You should have pressed charges on her for assaulting you in your car. 🙂 (I probably wouldn’t have either, though….

  3. “protect the innocent”? Man, I want to know the graphic details. I’m totally old enough to handle the blue streak.

  4. I am amazed at the audacity of some people! I can guarantee had you been a man NONE of that would have happened…sad, but true. I am sorry you had to deal with that, and gratefully Trish was with you. Believe me…I would have probably pulled ‘your mother’s stunt’ just to get the lady to go… Hugs, girly! 😉

  5. What a nut job! Seriously, people are crazy. I feel bad for kids who have parents who freak out like that. I don’t understand why she got so upset about you going around her. ? And what about letting things just roll off your back? Why come chasing after someone, AFTER

    I like your line about Trish and her sailor speak, that was pretty funny.

  6. (sorry, I wasn’t done yet)

    AFTER the fact, as if it is going to make the situation better for anyone involved??

    That’s nice of you to be concerned about offending someone though. It says much more about your Christ-like spirit than her crazy episode.

  7. Someone stick a SPORK in her because I think she’s done! I’m really referring to the crazy woman, but I guess it applies to all y’all. Good thinking to make the pre-emptive strike with the police dept. Trish is my hero!

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