All About Me, in 50 Days or More

I have been enjoying an old friends blog recently and she has been doing these fun posts all about her.  I’ve really enjoyed reading her posts.  I decided I’m doing this, as much for myself as for you guys in blogland.  Sometimes as a mommy you forget who you are, or were, or want to be.

Wish me luck!  I’ll do my best to post daily, here’s what you can look forward to:

Day 1: Introduce yourself
Day 2: A bulleted list of everything that happened in your day
Day 3: Your favorite movie
Day 4: A photo of you taken over 10 years ago
Day 5: A letter to your crush
Day 6: A list of what you ate today
Day 7: A youtube video you find funny
Day 8: A photo of you taken recently
Day 9: List some of your favorite blogs
Day 10: A letter to a person who has caused you pain
Day 11: Share your favorite recipe(s)
Day 12: Self portrait
Day 13: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 14: A song from your childhood
Day 15: A letter to someone you wish you could meet
Day 16: Provide pictures of 5 celebrity crushes
Day 17: A photo that makes you sad
Day 18: Set or share a goal
Day 19: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 20: A letter to someone that changed your life
Day 21: Your favorite television program
Day 22: A photo that makes you happy
Day 23: Share one of your favorite tunes
Day 24: Time to face morph
Day 25: Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 26: Favorite books
Day 27: A talent of yours
Day 28: Favorite places to shop
Day 29: Your favorite color
Day 30: The friendliest person you knew for only 1 day
Day 31: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 32: A photo you took
Day 33: What you’re craving right now
Day 34: Your favorite quote
Day 35: A letter to an ex
Day 36: Some hobbies of yours
Day 37: A song that you like to dance to
Day 38: A photo of your parents
Day 39: Zodiac sign and do you think it fits your personality
Day 40: A deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 41: Whatever tickles your fancy
Day 42: A bad habit you have
Day 43: A picture of your favorite place in the world
Day 44: Something that fascinates you and why
Day 45: A letter to yourself a year ago
Day 46: Photos of personal things in your life (pets, family, house, etc)
Day 47: Birthday wish list
Day 48: A photo of you right now
Day 49: Hopes, dreams, and plans for the next 365 days
Day 50: A letter to your reflection in the mirror

And so, the introduction. I’m going to venture a guess and say that if you are reading this then you know me already.  But lets start this thing off with a bang.

I am me.  🙂

Ok I can do better than that…

I am Ray and Linda’s Daughter.  Sister to Art, Trish and Katy.

I am Jeremy’s wife as well as  JD and Gwen’s mommy.

I am 30 years old (for a couple more months) and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I currently work at a spa in Park City as well as attend school full time.  The plan now is to go into nursing but things can always change.

I often wish I had more time in the day, and have a extremely hard time being away from my kids.

I love to read, to the point that I have to restrict myself.  If I pick up a good book I will be useless to anyone until I have finished it.  I will day-dream about it when I am not reading it and often mourn the end, like I have lost a friend that I don’t get to spend time with anymore.

I enjoy old movies and have watched about every old musical known to man.  Often alone, but I don’t care.  That way no one can make fun of me when I laugh, smile and cry during the movies.  😉

I am addicted to the internet.  I won’t lie about it.  I have it on my blackberry so it goes everywhere with me.  I have loved the way it keeps me in touch with old friends and family members.  I know there are evils on the internet and addiction isn’t good, but I find the good and go with it.

I love going to the theater but sadly it does not happen often anymore.  If I had a choice between a movie and a play, the play would win every time.  😉

I love cantaloupe, I hate onions.  I don’t like insincere people.  A huge pet peeve of mine right now is when I get parenting advice in public from strangers when JD is acting up.  (But that’s a whole blog post in and of itself)  My favorite color is purple.

7 thoughts on “All About Me, in 50 Days or More

  1. thanks that was a fun read 🙂 Hope you know i’m always sincere when i compliment you or say i feel for ya! Best wishes always, Bobbie!

  2. I’m also addicted to the internet, although I don’t keep up on blogs like I should since I got it on my phone. How amazing is it that 15 years ago, you could only really access the internet on a school’s computer, and now you can carry it around in your pocket?!

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