Just Gwen

I started to write as a guest blogger on a blog for parents with children that have autism.  My first post wasn’t really about autism at all but about siblings that do not have the disorder.  One of the things Jeremy and I talk about often is how to make sure Gwen always feels like she is loved just as much as JD is.  It can not be easy being raised in a home where there are two sets of rules.  I decided since we focus so much on him this post is all for Gwenny!

She was a surprise, but the answer to so many prayers.  While we were terrified when we found out we were pregnant with Gwen I was beside myself with joy that the Lord was going to bless us with the second child we were told we could never have!  4 months of bedrest, countless doctors appointments and about 6 weeks early Gwen joined our family and she has imprinted herself into our hearts for eternity.

Gwen has started to walk, and now babbles constantly.  Every step with Gwen is fun and exciting for us because it is so different from raising JD.  We were warned that she might start to act autistic because she will copy JD, but the opposite seems to have happened.  JD never showed affection to anyone but his father until Gwen came along.  He seems to mimic her and it’s been really helping him.  Granted she will do some of the quirky things JD does, like plug her ears.  But then she’ll laugh and stop instead of doing it over and over.

Like most children if you prompt her to say “Mama” she will laugh and babble “Dadadada”.  She is our little tease and has decided that any attention is better than no attention from JD and she will poke him constantly.  It snaps him back into our world pretty fast but we have started to tame her teasing so she doesn’t turn into a big bully. My mom has called her a “Therapy Baby” because she is not only good for JD but she is my cuddly bit of sanity on days when the autism seems like it is more than we can cope with.

I can not believe it has almost been a year since she was born.  Every day I turn around and it feels like a month has passed and my baby girl is growing up too fast.  My last baby is turning into a toddler.  Help us all.  😉  Mommy loves you so much Gwenjamina Benjamina!

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3 thoughts on “Just Gwen

  1. I am so far behind and the hurriedier I go the farther behind I get…. my list of blogs to read and catch up on is a mile long but I’m so glad I clicked on yours today! Gwen is adorable and between your blog and her sweet face…she was my little dose of therapy baby from afar. I remember well some of those times too. Hang in there – you’re in my prayers. Hug that girl!!!

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