Family Time

Last week Jeremy and I both had school off, granted I had a lot of homework it was still wonderful not to have classes.  We did so many things with the kids.   We even took daddy back to Gardner Village to see the witches.

Since we have a pass for Thanksgiving Point we decided to take advantage of some of the Halloween activities they are having.  We did the “Barnyard Boo” with the Griffee clan and it was fun for the kids.  It was pretty much just a carnival for the kids with a Halloween theme.  JD let one of the employees put a temporary tattoo on his cheek of a pumpkin.  We were all a little shocked about that one, he was so cute.  Gwen is turning into quite the ham when there is a camera around, so enjoy the cheesy shots.

Since he did so well with the temporary tattoo on his cheek I decided to attempt putting one on his hand for Saturday so I could take him and Gwen to the dinosaur museum.  I don’t usually take them both somewhere except the store since JD wanders.  I found these cool stop sign tattoos however that say he has Autism and you can write your phone number on them.  I haven’t ever used them because I didn’t think he would let me put it on his hand.  HE LOVES THEM.  Almost too much… but more on that later.  I took him and Gwen to the dino museum and then to the kids discovery gardens.  It was such a nice day.  We were the only ones at the gardens so I let JD walk and run around all by himself.  He thought he was one hot cookie!  He played in the little lighthouse they have for over 30 minutes.  Gwen wasn’t thrilled about it but he sure had fun.

Sunday the tattoo started to look a little nasty so I decided to wipe it off with a wet wipe during church.  For those of you that don’t know, Jeremy works Sundays so I do church alone with the kids.  Well when he realized I was wiping off his beloved “red octagon” he FLIPPED out.  The awesome woman in front of me offered to take Gwen so I could calm him down.  Nothing worked until I took a marker and drew the octagon back onto his hand.  I should have known he would love it because of its shape but I didn’t think it would be such a big deal.

I have really been reconsidering getting JD a service dog.  We had talked about it a few months ago and decided against it thinking we couldn’t raise the necessary funds to train the dog.  The older he gets the more I think it would be good for him, and us.  For him it would be awesome for him to have that constant companion, and soother when he gets overstimulated.  For us it would be SUCH a blessing since they are trained in serch and rescue.  They are trained to stay with the child and to track them if they wonder off.  With school fast approaching for JD I worry about him wondering out of a classroom, out of a school and get lost or worst.  I know the odds of this aren’t high, however don’t underestimate JD’s sneakiness.  😉  I have the paperwork to fill out to apply so I think we may start the process and see where it takes us.  There is always the chance that he won’t get approved for one but I think it would be a big blessing for him and help for us.


3 thoughts on “Family Time

  1. I think it’s always a good idea to explore your options as they become available so I would go for it. If a service dog opportunity presents itself, pray about it, and then make your decision.

    Cute photos of good times 🙂

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