Gardner Village

I have never been to Gardner Village before.  I have always heard the advertisements and used to live pretty close to it, just never felt the need to stop by.  Thursday mom invited all of us to go with her to see the witches they have around for Halloween.

The kids LOVED it.  JD was so good and enjoyed being around some of his favorite people for the afternoon.  There was a situation where a lady thought he was misbehaving and yelled at him.  I let her know he had Autism and he didn’t understand.  She made me so mad!  He wasn’t even misbehaving, he was chasing a kitty cat because he wanted to pet it.  When he gets excited he gets “flappy” and his hands go a mile a minute.  She thought he was trying to hit the cat.  I usually just apologise when someone tells me JD is misbehaving, I have always wanted to stand up to them more but never have.  This time it really got under my skin that she yelled at him and I was standing right behind him.  It brought out my mamma bear claws and I’m glad I finally had the gumption to tell her he was fine, just Autistic.

With the exception of “crazy cat woman” it was a delightful afternoon.  We took a lot of great pictures and talked about going back during the Christmas holidays to see how they redecorate things.

Wednesday (I know I’m going out of order, forgive me) Mom, Art, Steph and I watched Temple Grandin.  It’s an HBO movie about an amazing Autistic woman, Temple Grandin.  I had heard a lot about the movie but hadn’t gotten the chance to rent it until this past week.  Thanks to a mom in JD’s Autism play group for reminding me to check it out.  It was amazing!  Within 10 minutes I was crying because I could relate a little.  It was spectacular the way they showed how she viewed the world and it made us all wonder if that’s kind of how JD sees things and that’s why he’ll fixate on shapes.  We laughed and cried throughout the entire film.  It’s full of hope and really can show how amazing these souls with Autism are!  As soon as I returned the redbox I got on and ordered a copy of the DVD, I expect it to come tomorrow if it’s not sitting in my mail box right now.  If anyone wants to borrow it I will lend it out.  I can’t wait to watch it with Jeremy!  Even if you don’t deal with Autism I think it’s a wonderful movie.


5 thoughts on “Gardner Village

  1. I love that movie. Todd wouldn’t even watch it. 😦 I thought it was amazing the way that they showed how she Temple sees things. I always wonder how Garrett sees the world. I posted a few months ago about Garrett lining things up on the stairs and wondering what connection he saw in all the objects.

  2. Where does that woman get the idea that she can yell at other people’s kids? I wouldn’t even give her an explanation about autism…she doesn’t deserve it. I’d say, “Are you actually yelling at my child?”

    She needs to mind her own business.

    Jenefer (your mom’s HS friend)

  3. I can’t wait to watch it! Let me know when you get it so I can borrow it! Thanks for letting Gator and I go to Gardners Village with all of you…it was a BLAST! :o)

  4. I love Gardner Village, it is such a fun place. We are going this week sometime. Sorry, about the crazy cat lady! I don’t usually appreciate when strangers try to parent my kids 😦 I love your digiscrap pages – that is a cute Halloween kit.

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