Discovery Park

Today I was going to spend the whole day at home.  I was excited at the prospect of not getting in the car or going anywhere.  It became obvious as the day wore on however that JD wasn’t going to make staying home easy.  It was almost as if he know my intentions to stay home and was determined to thwart them!

When Jeremy got home after work we took the kids to the Discovery Park for and had a picnic.  We enjoyed the outing, with the exception of it being so hot for an October afternoon.  We did not stay very long so that we could get the kids down for naps and be able to watch and enjoy conference but I got some cute pictures of our little outing.  JD loved it there and did NOT want to go.  I’m sure we will go back soon.


4 thoughts on “Discovery Park

  1. Wow what a great time you all had. Wish I could have been there. The pictures are just darling. I love you all, Grammy Mauss

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