Working Mama!

I’ve been really busy this past couple months.  I tend to complain about being busy but it keeps me sane so whats a girl to do.  JD has needed a lot more attention recently and Gwen is also getting a lot more needy the older she gets, imagine that.  I was just talking to Jeremy the other day about how much I love my job and it’s been nice to feel like my education is paying some bills, but I miss being around the kids more.  School full-time, work 3 days a week (one of those days being a double), and JD’s therapy schedule has kept mommy hopping.  We haven’t spent a full day at home in months.

A solution finally presented itself and I’m excited!  I will be starting to work only 2 days a week up at the spa, Monday and Friday.  Both days will be doubles so it will be the equivalent of working 4 days but I only have to be away from the kids for 2 days and we will save on gas!  It could mean for some long days when we get busier.  But it’s worth it to be around my kids more.


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