Ramblings of a Toddler

The conversations with Deeds lately have been quite funny.  Here is the latest from this afternoon.

Mommy: JD it is time to go inside and take a nap.

JD: No.

Mommy: It wasn’t a question little dude, lets go.

JD: I stay awake, OKAY!

Mommy:  Lets find your blanket and go lay down.

JD: Just some minutes

Mommy: You want few more minutes?

JD: Four minutes, okay!

I also liked when he told Daisy the other day that she needed to “calms it down!”

His communication skills have been getting so much better!  He is a little jabber box and loves talking to us.  We still can’t always understand what he is saying but he is quite happy to be speaking.  He is currently into Thomas the Train, and the therapists say it’s good for him because they deal with a lot of emotions (whiny trains) and he needs to be taught what each emotion is.  JD now goes to 2 playgroups a week and so far seems to really love them!  I’m so glad he does, it would be a nightmare if he didnt.

Gwen is also starting to jabber a bit.  As of now her only words are Mama and Dad but I’m sure she will catch on quickly.  She is cruising everywhere and I have no doubt will be walking as soon as she can.  Her hair is finally growing in (I think) and there is enough to do two, very small, pony tails.  It’s kind of in that shaggy stage right now, so hopefully she grows a bit more soon.  She got a bout of eczema when we moved into this place and after trying many things I’ve finally found the perfect thing to take it away.  It’s goat milk lotion from a place called Lily’s Lathers.  It cleared it up almost immediately.  Everyone is so different so it was nice to find something that worked for Gwen.

Jer and I are both in school and working.  Jer is up at the U of U while he tries to decide if he wants to go to graduate school.  I started classes at UVU.  I took a full 12 credit hours thinking that I’d be sitting at the spa a lot and would have time to do homework.  It hasn’t really worked out like that, so I find myself spending a lot of late nights reading, doing homework and taking quizzes after kids are in bed.


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