July and August 2010

It’s hard to believe it’s already August, and half way through the moth at that.  July we decided  to start looking for a place to move come September or October.  While searching we were getting discouraged about what was available within our price range that allows pets.  While driving home to mom and dads one afternoon we called about a duplex in PG.  After looking at it we felt like it was where we were supposed to be and committed to move in on July 31st.  We helped do a lot of work to clean the place up and get it ready to move in.  I can’t even tell you all how much we appreciated all the help we had cleaning, painting, and moving.  I worked more at the spa than ever while we’ve been moving and so the settling in stage of living here has been dragging out.  There are still a lot of boxes to be unpacked and the pictures are not hung on any walls.  If you’re good at knowing where things might look good and what might be needed to make a room snap into place call me!  I’m horrible at decorating so I’m welcome to all the help we can get.  I’m praying that this weekend I get some time to really get everything unpacked.  They have been installing a new shower since we’ve moved in and I think they are finally done with it and I can paint that bathroom this weekend too.  Jeremy and I will both be very excited we don’t have to take baths anymore but can actually stand and shower!

I still love the spa and have gotten to meet some wonderful clients.  I’ve been able to work out my schedule so that I’m actually dropping a day at the spa starting the end of August.  I feel like I haven’t been with the kids as much as I should be.  So starting the end of Aug I’ll be going to school part-time but also with the kid’s more.  I’m excited about it.  I’ve really missed being with them.

JD has been doing amazing with his therapy still.  We didn’t think he’d do as well with the move as he did.  There are still hard days/moments.  The screaming for 2 hours straight tonight was hard on all involved.  Its times like this where we learn patience with him and the Autism.  He is doing some really cute things right now however.  When you say “See you later alligator” he will reply “See ya crocodile!”.    He also had an afternoon where I was in his was a lot and all I heard all day was “Mommy, scooch.”

Gwen is a crawling machine and has started to pull herself up on things.  Yesterday she also started clapping.  I havent gotten to see it yet but apparently she is quite pleased with herself and squeals with delight while clapping.  The bath tub is her new favorite activity and she is a dare-devil in the water.  She loves screaming “DADADADADADA!” and will not even begin to try Mama.

I don’t have many pictures for the past month or so but I’ll post what I do have.

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