June 2010

June came and went before I could even blink an eye!  I have been so busy with the kids and working that sadly keeping up on the blog/journaling has fallen by the wayside.

Our family is doing spectacular.  JD amazes us everyday with his improvements.  Yes there are also things that are showing up that aren’t favorable but I’d like to just focus on the leaps ahead he is making and not so much on the steps back.  We have gotten a pass to Thanksgiving Point and visit a few times a week.  Between that and some new therapies he is communicating more than ever and we are thrilled!

Gwen is growing like a weed.  She is off the special formula she was on and has been on the same formula JD was on for a few weeks now and is doing very well.  Looks like it was a Milk Protein intolerance and not an allergy after all.  She is a funny little thing and loves to laugh with JD.  She has decided this last week that her bedtime is too early and she will wake up a couple of hours after you put her down and want to play.

Jer and I are still working our tushies off.  I’ve worked a lot more hours at the spa this past month than we had originally planned on but it’s helping with some long-term goals we have so that is really good.  I still love working up there and feel very blessed.

I wish I had more time to write but nap time is about up so I’ll just post a few pictures for June.  🙂


4 thoughts on “June 2010

  1. I am soo happy things are going well for you and your little family! 🙂 Love the pics! Now, you need to come over and let me hug those cute kids. 😉

  2. Yes Yes things are always so busy, but sounds like things are starting to groove and flow along. That little Gwen is SUCH a cutie!

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