Master Bodyworker Baby

Not only did I manage to pass all my classes but a miracle occurred and I got a 4.0 GPA as well.  How I found time to do the homework and study is beyond me.  I am SO thankful for all mom’s help watching the kids because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to finish up.  I’m just amazed how much new information was packed into the last 10 weeks and I feel like I gained a TON of experience that will help me excel in the field.  I’m so glad I went through the program and equally glad that I got the opportunity to meet a whole group of amazing people.  I know I’ll be keeping in touch with quite a few of them, and loved all I got to learn from them while we were in all those long classes.

After multiple interviews I did get the job with the Spa at the Hotel Park City.  The drive is an hour but so much more beautiful and relaxing than the hour drive to SLC has been for school.  Not to mention I’ll be getting paid.  The spa itself is so beautiful.  I can’t help but feel relaxed the minute I walk into the doors.  It’s a job I didn’t think I’d be able to get for quite a while and I am so thankful and blessed to have gotten it.  A lot of resort jobs require a lot of experience and I’m so thrilled that they are willing to take a chance on little ol’ me.  🙂  I will start training next week and will be working 4-5 days a week starting in June.

Jeremy started back to school on Monday and it looks like he will be writing for the U of U newspaper.  I don’t know all the details so I’ll let him blog about it later.  So far I think he likes his classes.  His work schedule is kind of off right now since he has to work from 3pm to midnight to make time for classes but we’ve LOVED seeing him during the mornings.  JD’s hero is his daddy so it’s just been a huge blessing to have him around more.  Jeremy is even able to be around for a lot of JD’s therapy appointments now which is great.  JD is a different kid around his dad so its nice to have his imput on things and so that the psychologist gets a good picture of how things are with the entire family.

Come to find out the tube is still in the ear that was draining, so it did NOT rupture.  It was however the worst ear infection I’ve ever seen.  Poor kid survived but is now really jumpy whenever someone touches that ear.  JD is still going through the diagnosis process for the Autism.  It’s a long road but I have been so thrilled at the doors that have opened up for him since we have started this whole process.  The therapies are already making such a difference in our family and I am so optimistic about the future.  He amazes me daily with his intellengence, and he is so endearing.  There have been some hard days, and the tantrums are tough on me (more than anyone else I think), but I’m learning to get a tougher skin and not take everything so personally.  Much easier said than done.  We are quickly learning also that everyone has a oppinion about Autism and what they think it is.  It amazes me what people will say to us without thinking first if it might be offensive.  Like I said, I’m pretty sensitive about things still so I’m trying to relax but sometimes it just gets under my skin.  There are SO many stops along the Autism spectrum.  Sometimes I worry that JD won’t fit in with the Autism crowd or the other kids either, that he might be stuck in limbo.  The therapist says that hopefully we can work with him a ton now and help him to fit in with “normal kids” by the time he is in grade school.  He is on a waiting list for a pre-school that is apparently amazing.  It is all day and incorporates the different therapies in the morning and then in the afternoon they do things that teach the kids how to pay attention (HARD for autism), make friends, sit at desks, etc.  He won’t even be able to attend till next August and there is STILL a  chance he won’t get it.  I talked to one mom whose son was on the list for 2 years and never got accepted.  Tomorrow JD meets a new developmental therapist and next week he also gets a new speech therapist.  The therapist that had been working with him on speech is just going to focus on other areas now.  Right now JD is loving the therapy sessions, I hope it stays that way.  I think his favorite is the Psychologist because he knows we will stop at KrispyKreme and watch the doughnuts get made on the way home.  JD also had his first dentist appointment this past week.  I wasn’t able to go due to finals.  Poor Jeremy had to take him by himself and said it was a nightmare.  I think we may look into a pediatric dentist for him that might be used to working with kids, especially those that hate when strangers talk to them.  😦

Since it’s been so nice outside we have spent a lot of time out there.  JD asks to go outside the minute he wakes up and doesn’t want to come inside for bed.  I’m hoping that next paycheck we can go get another little hard sided pool like the one we had last year.  He LOVED it and with it getting hotter it’ll be nice to let him cool off.  I have a feeling we will be going through a lot of sunblock this summer.

Gwen is doing amazing.  Her nurse came by today and she weighs 15 pounds exactly.  She is almost 6 months old and I can’t believe it.  We started solid foods and she is a champion eater.  So far she doesn’t like bananas or peas but adores carrots and sweet potatoes.  He smile and laughter are infectious and have actually kept her brother up a few nights now.  I will hear them laughing well past the time they are supposed to go to bed.  She likes to peek over the bumper in her crib and look for JD.  I’m glad they get along so well.  I honestly think the Lord sent Gwen to us to help her big brother.  She truly is a miracle baby and I love her spunky spirit.  She’s rolling over now and can almost sit up on her own.  Her eyes keep changing from blue to almost brown, then back to blue again.  We’ll see where they decided to settle.  She also hasn’t got enough hair yet to know what color it’s going to be.  I’m still rooting for dark hair like her mommy.  😉  Her favorite toy is a little Minnie Mouse that she got for Easter.  She loves to play with it.  She’ll squeal and then bite her nose.  It’s so funny!

So that’s the skinny on our little family.  We are as busy as ever but growing closer every day.


8 thoughts on “Master Bodyworker Baby

  1. Congrats on finishing school with flying colors! AND an even bigger congrats on the new job! Good luck to J. Sounds like the kids are thriving. I need to squish them soon. A little dose of Deeds excited to see me always puts a smile on my face! 🙂

  2. Wow a ton of changes are happening in your family. It is nice to hear that the changes are going so well.

  3. Woot Woot for finishing! Congrats girlie! You totally deserve all the success. And I hope that this little break between school and your new FABULOUS job will be a lot of fun.

    BTW I know of a good Pediatric DR that specializes in extremely young children and those who are terrified of the Dentist. Here is a link to his website. He is in Lehi. My friend LOVED this Dentist.

    I am so glad that everything is going well and that things are feeling good. I hope that Deeds will make it into the preschool that you are hoping for. Waiting lists are the pits.

  4. Ditto to will comment…Go Mauss family! Remember, were all rooting for you 🙂 Need help? Give any one of us a call 🙂

  5. wow – what a fantastic place to work Bobbie! Congrats on landing the park city spa!! 🙂

    reading about Gwen and Minnie Mouse made me laugh. It reminded me of my kiddos and why they liked the nose of Minnie, Mickey or teddy bears….think about it (clue: they were hungry!)

    really nice to hear all the positive changes and hope for all the best yet to come for JD. So many blessing have been yours already, we will just keep praying for more!

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