I should be doing homework but instead I’m going to throw out a quick blog.  I’m thankful Jeremy gets on to blog every once in a while so that we aren’t quite so sporadic.

I’ve only got 2 more weeks of school!  WAHOO.  This week we are back to a Mon-Thurs schedule.  I’ve also got a bunch of homework due this next week so wish me luck.  I’m really glad that I went back for this masters program but I’m excited to be done and graduating again.

Jeremy has been home a lot more to be with the kids thanks to his work schedule changing to the evenings.  I’m sure he hates working late but I love how much more they get to be with daddy.

JD is having a tough week.  Poor guy might have ruptured an ear drum.  We’re actually pretty sure thats the problem.  The doctor checked out both ears and the one that isn’t oozing fluid no longer has it’s tube and is healed.  The doctor however mentioned that there is so much pressure behind it he was worried it might rupture.  When he looked into the other ear he said there was too much “stuff” in it to even be able to tell if the tube is there or if it was also healed and then got infected and ruptured.  It’s been 3 days and JD is still in so much pain.  If he even bumps his head he cries and he won’t let us touch the ear at ALL!  This is a kid who usually hits his head on things all the time and doesn’t cry at all.  it’s been hard to see him in so much pain.  He goes in to see his ear, nose and throat doctor on Monday and I wouldn’t be surprised if she tells us we need to put the tubes back in his ears.  We’ve also noticed a regression in his speech the past couple weeks, so I am not sure he’s been able to hear us very well.

Therapy for JD is going great.  The more we learn the better we feel about getting his diagnosed.  We did go see the specialist that works with kids JD’s age with autism.  After meeting with her for only 20 minutes she says that she wants to get the diagnosis done asap so JD can get on the waiting lists for certain therapies and preschools.  She said that she watched JD in the hall for a minute before calling us in and had some “red flags” come up.  While she believes he is on the high end of the spectrum she says he is almost positively Autistic.  We will be meeting with her over the course of the next few weeks to get the official diagnosis.  JD will also be starting occupational therapy with two different organizations and his speech therapist is thrilled that we didn’t “turn a blind eye” and proceeded with the diagnosis.

One thing we have learned about JD that is apparently part of the condition for him is that he has an AMAZING memory.  A month ago he got some alphabet toys for the tub.  I went through them all with him, including the numbers, and then we didn’t pay much attention to them for 3 weeks until he was taking a bath with his cousin.  He then turned to her and started to hand her letters and tell her what they were and the words that started with them.  We then quizzed him on the numbers and he got about 75% of them right.  For a kid that has a hard time learning social skills and even coloring he is amazing with letters and numbers.  His speech therapist says she works with another autistic little boy a lot like JD who was the same way, he’s now 4 and reading at a 3rd grade level.  She says it makes sense since he LOVES shapes so much, that he just “gets” the letters.  He can even tell the difference between a hexagon, pentagon, and octagon.  His tantrums are getting worse but I’m not sure how much of that is due to his ears for the past couple weeks.  All in all we are thrilled with how well therapy is going and we pray it continues to help him and our family!

Well I’ll leave you guys with these videos of the kids.  Sorry I don’t know how to turn the one of JD on the trampoline.  The one of Gwen we just took today, she’s such a cheese ball.  I love those kids.


3 thoughts on “Ruptured?

  1. What a cute laugh!

    And I have to say I am a little jelouse that JD knows the alphabet. I can’t even get Jason to learn it.

  2. Ah such cute kids! I am so glad Deeds is feeling better. After watching him shove a marshmallows in his mouth whole…I’m hoping he is! 😛 That chair was the source of sooo much fun. Too bad it’s not down stairs any more. 😉

  3. That video of Gwenny is freaking adorable!! Cage was really not happy I wouldn’t let her watch it again.

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