Pretty Good Day

This morning I was tired of watching Yo Gabba Gabba so I decided to try to have JD watch Wall-E and was surprised that he actually sat through at least 45 minutes of the movie; which was a shock since there are no words for at least the first half hour or so.   I think Ill start putting in whatever animated movie that I may want to watch and he usually is good to watch for half an hour.

Also, before I left to work my amazing 10 hour shift I was getting some food to take and of course JD saw that I was getting some pringles and he HAD to have some.  So, I put a few in his bowl and he sat at the table.  He had Brobee with him so he was set up in the chair and then he went and grabbed his stacking cups and started pretend playing with him by arranging the cups in front of him, and then started to feed him  his pringles.   This is good since the doctors have been asking about his pretend play — which was minimal at best — I was excited for him to do that.

Then I was working today for my first 10 hour shift (Saturday I took 4 hours off) which I was dreading to talk on the phone to stupid, soft talking, know-it-alls, and little kids try to make reservation.  The good thing out of it was that I was able to book someone for a 6 month stay and that basically guarantees me to be in the top 10% and make more money in bonuses — even though it will not be a ton.  I almost had another similar reservation which would have been sweet, but they kept saying they would call back in a few hours, so I tried to do a 24 hour hold but they were not having any of that.  Not a big deal since for the day I think I was at 300% for my revenue per call goal, so not too bad.

Then during one of my breaks I was checking my website (yes a shameless plug) and noticed a ton of hits from  Normally I get some from CBS from the team pages that I have related to stories of a certain school, but this was from the front page of the college football section of CBS Sports and within their main article on the expansion topic.  Not bad since of the three links from SB Nation two were from my site and if you have any interest in college football expansion click here and here for the two articles that were on CBS Sports.  That was a cool bonus since this time of year my page views are decreasing.  

Then on the way home I was listening to some random sports show on Sporting News Radio and they have this weird fantasy draft that encompasses everything, and tonight was fast food items.  I was probably hungry from a long day and listened in to this random subject, and at the end the host wanted people to send in their ideas via twitter, so I did.  Partly because someone had the gall to say Chipotle as a choice for their favorite fast food places.  That made me sick because Chipotle is not very good and locally would prefer Barbacoa, so I decided to send them a tweet and mention the BEST BURRITO EVER which resides in a small chain in Texas called Freebirds.

If you are in Houston, Dallas, Austin, or College Station it is required eating to stop there you will not regret it.  My brother had me bring him a burrito from Freebirds before when I traveled to Texas a few years back, yes you heard me right bought a burrito froze it over night (or at least I think it was frozen) and flew it back to Salt Lake.  He said it was still better then anything he could get, and that includes an overnight stay in the freezer and about a six hour time after that en route.

Back to the reason for mentioning the fast food draft(?) was because the national syndicated host mentioned my tweet as well as the name and made a bigger deal by saying he enjoyed my site about the Mountain West, which was probably just some radio talk.  However, mine got the most pub and I did notice he is following me now, if that means anything really.

So, I thought was pretty cool.  The segment made me hungry so I pulled over at JCW’s at Thanksgiving Point and snagged  a three piece chicken tender.

For the record the picture of the dude eating the burrito is definitely not me, but he is making me jealous that he has his hands on a Freebirds burrito.  Any comments that try to say Cafe Rio or anything like those places will be replied with a pat on the head saying ‘nice try.’  The closest thing anywhere to that style is Barbacoa which is really good, but not quite a Freebirds monster burrito.


5 thoughts on “Pretty Good Day

  1. Well, the size of the burrito is quite impressive. I’m not much of a burrito conniseur, but I always look forward to Baja Fresh when I go home to CA.

  2. I don’t think I could even eat 1/2 of that burrito. That thing is huge.

    Congrats on so much talk about the website!

  3. Have you ever eaten at Lone Star Taqueria in Cottonwood Heights? BEST BURRITOS EVER!! It’s off Fort Union and 2300 East. Seriously, give it a go. It may run a close second to your Freebirds.

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